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LALITAMBA was founded to give voice to modern mystics. The journal includes not only the finest writers, spiritual masters, and translators from around the world, but also those whose voices are not often heard–people who are imprisoned, homeless, or living with illness. From page to page, find the words of an Indian spiritual master beside those of a person begging for a crust of bread on the streets in New York City. They are one and the same.

From struggle emerges wisdom. In sharing our realizations, we inspire each other. We are each both master and student, if we can be open to the moment as it is. In each moment, we have the chance to live our infinite divine potential.

LALITAMBA is archived on It is published with a glossy 4-color cover on quality paper as a collectible series.

If you would like to receive the current issue or give it as a gift, please send us an email with SUBSCRIBE in the subject line. We’ll send you a subscription form. Thank you!

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P.O. Box 131
Planetarium Station
New York, NY 10024
Ph. 212.873.0140

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